“We’ve made the rookie mistake of assuming that spacetime is the final reality.”

[Note to my readers: I know this is super complex so just do your best!. I am sharing because I think this is the most (r)evolutionary thinking happening right now, meaning it is focused on actual paradigmatic change and not more incremental deck chair choreography at a this critical time.]

Professor Donald Hoffman is the undeniable front-runner in developing the scientific context for a paradigm shift in our understanding of reality. He equates our experiential realm — what we see, hear, taste, touch, smell — as akin to playing a video game like Grand Theft Auto.

Wherein we have an…

There is a kind of spiritual warfare that is being waged against the population of the United States.

It is one that herds people through the triggers of their moral and political outrage into adversarial camps that effectively devastate the risk that a united population presents to an economic elite who are now effectively governing a neo-caste system disguised as a free market economy.

In metaphysical circles, this is known as “stalking” and it is being orchestrated by masterful forces who cynically view hot-button issues like BLM, MAGA, COVID policies, gender equality as programmable binary levers that essentially keep people…

I have owned Carl Jung’s Red Book since it was published in 2009. This is the legendary journal that he kept during a period of self-discovery and introspection that has been described as both revelatory and psychotic since its publication.

At the beginning, my copy was placed in our living room, open to one of the many entrancing images that Jung painted during this deeply private odyssey into, what he termed, “a confrontation with the unconscious.”

I hate to admit this, but I became one of those people who owned the book, but never read it. And so one of…

A fresh transcription from one of his seminal lectures offers the kind of spiritual challenge our deeply fractured society needs right now.

Child prodigy, rebel icon, zen guru, Alan Watts was the philosopher king of the 60s counter-culture. At the age of seventeen, he experienced a mystical state which revealed the unity of spiritual and material worlds. And so began one of the most storied interior quests of the twentieth century.

During Watts’ lifetime his particular brand of wisdom pierced the conformist, Cold War society, appealing to the youth being drafted into a system they’d long stopped believing in. Besides…

Don’t wait for scientists to explain how quantum mechanics are going to transform the social order.

I think, therefor I’m naught.

When I was a very young child, I experienced a physical/sexual trauma that, though I did not know it until I was well into my 20s, locked me into a reactive mode of being (and an adversarial perception of the external world) that was very destructive and, seemingly, unalterable. Drug abuse, chronic failed relationships, recurring depressive episodes. A kind of strange loop that always returned me to the same wounds, the same defeats, the same feeling of powerlessness over my life.

But the purpose of this testimony is not self-pity.

I was born into the privileged family of white Canadians…

If people think we just need to tax carbon, go electric, and pass a Green New Deal, then we have missed the entire point of this civilizational challenge.

The existential threat is closer to home than you think.

Of course, we should all be pursuing every behavioral change that will draw us into closer alignment with the ecosystem.

But for those who can hold the nuances of higher order ultimatums while acting on lower-order objectives: we are being confronted with an existential threat that demands a transpersonal solution.

The point of climate — as the defining cosmological meta-challenge of our time — is defeated by putting all of our focus on the binary cycle of voting out ‘evil’ coal lobby-approved Republicans and voting in ‘good’ climate policy-hawking Democrats. …

Simulation image of Higgs boson generation

I believe a paradigm shift is occurring in our collective awareness of the nature of reality.

When we say paradigm shift, most people naturally think of the Copernican Revolution and the iconic image of Thomas Kuhn’s definitive commentary on the subject.

There is a genre of fiction that depicts humans as living in a reality that is not what it appears to be. In these stories, the heroes are captives in an elaborate prison that keeps them from realizing the true nature of reality, which is hidden behind the veil of a false world.

Done well, these tales go super-viral and connect with a deep part of the human consciousness that gives them a kind of mythological status. …

The social networks have prospered with a destructive model of social identity. A new innovation could change all that.

We all know it’s coming. The inevitable reckoning that comes for a society which knows it is locked in a strange loop of an extinction algorithm. But is incapable, or unwilling, to shake itself free.

Yeah, the digital social networks.

No amount of public (or private) handwringing, mea culpas, or superficial behavioral re-directs are going to transmute these platforms from the dysfunctional surveillance ops they have become. Especially given that the current infrastructure for our global commons has been designed (and vastly capitalized) to service the Orwellian alliance of state, market, and tech.

But we know all that.

As someone…

Nine things you need to know about the surfacing quantum society.

1/9 We are witnessing the birth of the quantum society (QS), which is the successor of the market society. In practical terms, this is the shift from a deterministic application of reality to a generative one that will have tectonic implications for our systems.

What does that mean?

2/9 The market society is the ultimate expression of the reductionist/materialist paradigm. It is a society which universally asserts the market’s authority to assign/determine value to all terrestrial resources, including human ‘capital’.

3/9 Once productized, we are atomized. Taught from the…

Stephen Marshall

System designer, quantum ideologist, wonder junkie.

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