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  • Peter Schurman

    Peter Schurman

    Do separate countries still serve us, or can we now do better? Founder at OneGlobalDemocracy.com. Previously, founding Executive Director at MoveOn.org.

  • Jose Afonso Furtado

    Jose Afonso Furtado

    Former art lib director @ Gulbenkian Foundation.On th advisory board: project “Digital Reading”(Gulb ).Teaching in Pt-Graduation Catolica U.

  • Sofia Grafanaki

    Sofia Grafanaki

  • JC Jaress

    JC Jaress

    I came to help save the world. Sorry, it's taken me so long to actually say it out loud and unashamedly. The clock is running, let's get going.

  • Patrick Giblin

    Patrick Giblin

    It is all about Graffiti!

  • Leah Cameron

    Leah Cameron

    Screenwriter, Director, CANgeleeno, sister, girlfriend, daughter of Pinko parents… etc.

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